We aspire to live our faith and mission through
The Rule of Life, which indicates the kind of people-in-community we aspire to be and outlines the ministry and mission which is important to us. Many have found a welcome here as we seek to reach out to all in Jesus’ name.

Radical Hospitality

We intend to invite, welcome, receive, and care for all people whom God draws into the fellowship of St George’s and actively desire for ourselves a deep receptivity to the grace of God, making space for God in our lives day by day, and accepting God’s love for ourselves and offering it to others.

Passionate Worship

Worship is the most important gift we offer in response to God’s love for us and is at the very centre of our life together. It is the place where Jesus the Christ gives himself graciously to us in Word and Sacrament in the communion of the Holy Spirit. We commit ourselves to regular and consistent participation in the community’s worship. We intend to establish patterns of listening and speaking to God in sustained prayer, personal devotion, and fellowship, the mutual sharing of gifts among ourselves.

Intentional Faith Development

We aspire to growth in faith through regular Bible study, Sunday School classes, prayer groups, and such initiatives in Christian education for all ages that will lead us deeper into sustainable patterns of faithful living. We will encourage each other to engage such daily practices as will draw us into fellowship with others, immerse us in Scripture, and form us in prayer.

Risk-taking Mission and Ministry

We aspire to undertake works of service that turn us outwards towards others and stretch us in learning the compassionate love of Christ so as to make a positive difference in the lives of the people whom we meet. We commit ourselves to offering the love of God in concrete ways to those who are living in poverty, unrelieved suffering, and other needs.

Extravagant Generosity

We aspire to an unselfish willingness to give of our material resources in order to make a positive difference for the purposes of Christ in ways that exceed expectations. We hope to be drawn into extraordinary sharing, willing sacrifice, and joyous giving for the sake of the Gospel and out of love for God and neighbour. We invite each member of St George’s to give generously to the extent that all our ministries that transform lives, relieve suffering, and sustain and nurture the spirit, will be adequately supported.