Proper 30 – Year A (2017)

Deuteronomy 34:1-12; Psalm 90:1-6,13-17; I Thessalonians 2:1-8; Matthew 22:34-46

Rev. Dr. Tim Connor

In the debates between Jesus and those gathered in the temple courts we encounter topics in Theology, Ethics and the Law and the identity of the Messiah. Concerning law, his response is simple and all encompassing: love God and love your neighbour. The 10 commandments give a starting place for describing what that looks like in daily life. The reformers declared that our relationship with God is shaped by Grace alone; embracing a life ob obedience to the Law shapes our response.

Proper 28 – Year A (2017)

Exodus 32:1-14,7-9,12-20; Psalm 106:1-6,19-23; Philippians 4:1-9; Matthew 22:1-14

Rev. Dr. Tim Connor

It is difficult to speak directly about the Kingdom of God, and so Jesus used parables – stories and extended metaphors – to spark our imaginations. The parable of the wedding feast is yet another challenge against conventional thinking about how we respond to God’s persistent invitation. In it, we see the King’s invitation met with indifference or hostility by the intended guests who choose their own everyday concerns instead. Ultimately there is no record of achievement that determines who attends: bad and good alike are brought to the table. The grace that comes with God’s invitation is offered freely but it is transforming in its intent, calling us to righteous living, open to the Spirit’s work in us.


St. George’s Anglican Church
Wharncliffe & Oxford Streets

SATURDAY, NOV. 18th, 2017
11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Baking – Pies – Preserves – Candy

Jewellery/Fine China

Books – Knitting & Sewing


And Lots More…….

Lunch served from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm:

Preserves at the Country Cupboard

A tasty array of jams, pickles and other preserves

Get a jump on your Christmas or holiday shopping at the Candy Cane Bazaar. There is a large baking table with homemade pies, including apple, and cranberry raisin pies, cookies, plus a candy table.  Browse the vintage jewellery and fine china tables, handmade sewing, knitting, decorations, and books.

Bazaar Goodies

Lots of baking, pies, candy, preserves on hand


Choose from the large selection at the preserves tables with homemade jams, marmalade, salsa, chile sauce, and many other delights. Perfect for holiday gifts. Lunch is served from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.


For further information contact the church office at 519-438-2994

All most welcome!

St. Georges is fully wheelchair accessible.

Please note: our church is fully wheelchair accessible.

Proper 27 – Year A (2017)

Exodus 20:1-4,7-9,12-20; Psalm 19; Philippians 3:4b-14; Matthew 21:33-46

Rev. Dr. Tim Connor

Thanksgiving in the life of the Church is both an individual and a corporate act. Our life in Christ has been blessed: we need to celebrate the gifts we have received, both individually and collectively, beginning with the gift of Christ himself. Just as Jesus had a healing ministry among the people we should give thanks for our access to health care. Jesus fed people and so, especially during harvest time we honour him by giving thanks for the abundance of food around us to share and by doing what we can to ensure food security for others. We give thanks for the truth we meet in Jesus, which enables us to face the world with hope and to act on behalf of those who have been pushed to the margins of society.