POSTS: everyday faith.

This blog post is about POSTS — POSTS is an occasional event for high school youth and the young adults in and around St. George’s. POSTS meets post-church once a month to six weeks (or thereabouts) for the sake of eating lunch and conversing about ‘everyday faith’ — about anything and everything from pop culture to prayer.

We live in a culture of ‘posts’ — from blog posts about the significant and the trivial, to posts on facebook about everyday things, to posts on twitter about every minute. Posts are important; posts — as in: signposts — help us find our way, map our surroundings, and put a stake in the ground, marking out who we are and where we are and why we are…

Those are the kinds of posts that POSTS is about.

POSTS begins post-church on Sunday, October 24 in the Yellow Room. Join in for pizza, and we’ll think about the latest post found on the doors of Starbucks Coffee shops everywhere: “Take Comfort in Rituals”

see you then and be well,